Maggie in the Garden

THE FOODIE - Lindsey mcclave

Lindsey McClave is a food, wine and travel writer. A passionate and self-taught home cook, Lindsey entered the world of food blogging in 2011, chronicling her adventures in the kitchen, her favorite wine and cocktail experiences and detailed tales of her culinary-inspired travels throughout the world. After 10 years as a sales and event professional in the hotel industry, Lindsey left to pursue her true passions; food, wine and travel. Lindsey loves nothing more than developing new recipes with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and is thrilled to share these creations on The Farmer & The Foodie

The Farmer - MaggiE Keith

Maggie Keith is a farmer and food entrepreneur from Kentucky. In 2007, Maggie used her business degree and love of food and the outdoors to help convert her family’s 1300 acre farm from a conventional three-crop rotation operation to a Biodynamic farm community raising grassfed beef. She is passionate about Kentucky farmland, connecting people with nature, and inviting families to experience her working farm. Maggie can’t wait to share her farm-life adventures and knowledge of growing food with audiences on The Farmer & The Foodie.